Hey there,


I began my journey into the fashion industry in 2006.

Back then i had no idea about the environmental impacts.

It never occurred to me to even think,


“Where did the fabrics come from?”
“How was it made?”
“What chemical process was used?”


I just used whatever that was available in order to create something I wanted.

Personally, I was a bit of a hoarder.

My wardrobe was overflowing with fast fashion and shoes.


Mountains of fabrics and trims I promised to use one day, which never happened.

To be honest, I had no concept of sustainability.

Over the years working in the field, I started to realise how harmful the industry was.

In late 2016, I decided to create a sustainable brand.


Fashion can still be fun but being sustainable became a critical part of my creating process.

As an important aspect of sustainability, I focus on what materials are used.

Hemp and organic cotton are my main go-to fibres in my designs.


With the end life cycle of the clothing in mind,

I make careful decisions during my designing stage and create each piece as durable as possible.

Thanks for stopping by.
– Natsuko