Hi there,

My name is Natsuko and I’m a fashion designer based in Melbourne.

I began my journey into the fashion industry in 2006.

Back then I had no idea about the environmental impacts.

It never occured to me to even think,


“Where did the fabrics come from?”

“How was it made?”

“What chemicals were used?”


I used whatever that was available in order to create something I wanted…

My wardrobe was overflowing with fast fashion and shoes.

There were mountains of fabrics and trims I promised to make something out of it, but it never really happened.

To be honest, I had no concept of sustainability.

But over the years working in the field, I realised how harmful the industry was.

Sustainability became a critical part of my creating process.


In 2016, I decided to create Kodama Apparel, a sustainable streetwear brand.

My goal is to create a range of gender neutral streetwear that people can feel comfortable in.

I focus on using eco-friendly fibres like hemp and organic cotton, and offer styles that are made locally.

With the end life cycle of clothing in mind, I make careful decisions during my designing stage and create each piece with long lasting quality.


Learn more about our sustainable process.


Thanks for stopping by!
– Natsuko