kodama (木霊, 木魂 or 木魅) are spirits in Japanese folklore that inhabit trees.

we are a melbourne-based eco conscious brand,

focusing on organic and eco friendly materials like hemp and organic cotton.

we believe conscious choices we make in our creation process is a step to a sustainable future.


hi there! my name is natsuko and i’m a japanese fashion designer based in melbourne, australia.

when i began my journey into the fashion industry back in 2006,

i had no idea about environmental impacts. it never occurred to me to even think,


“where did the fabrics come from?”

“how was it made?”

“what chemical process was used?”


i just used whatever that was available in order to create something i wanted.

personally, i was a bit of a hoarder.

my wardrobe was overflowing with fast fashion and shoes.


mountains of fabrics and trims i promised to use one day and make something out of it,

which never really happened.

to be honest, i had no concept of sustainability.


i always had a dream of running my own fashion label.

but over the years working in the field, i started to realise how wasteful this industry was.

after moving to melbourne in 2016, i decided to create a streetwear brand.


i didn’t want to waste things anymore.

it’s more efficient and makes more sense to live minimal and surround yourself with only the things you need. 

fashion can still be fun but being sustainable became critical part of my creating process.


“kodama” is an old japanese word, meaning “tree spirit”.

when you call in the middle of the mountains and your voice echoes back.

back in the ancient times, people used to say it was because there were spirits in the forest.

it tied back to my sustainability concept and decided to have kodama as a part of the brand name.


inspired by designers like yohji yamamoto; i’m very much in love with the contemporary style,

structured silhouettes and incredible workmanship you see in haute couture.