Kodama (木霊) is an ancient Japanese word originating from an ancient folklore, which translates to spirits that inhabit trees. Kodama Apparel is a Melbourne-based environmentally friendly streetwear brand.

Focusing on using organic and eco friendly materials like hemp and organic cotton, we believe that conscious choices we make in life are important steps to a sustainable future.

Striving to reduce as much waste as possible along the way, we are in process of collecting off-cut fabrics from our productions and up-cycling them to create new accessory range. Off cut pattern-making and admin papers are collected to up-cycle to new set of papers by Dodgy Paper. We are working on to create 100% recycled swing tags using these. Have you ever wondered who made your clothes and how was it made?  Every garment has a story. Japanese fashion designer, Natsuko, shares her journey as a sustainable fashion designer. Learn more about the designer behind the label and how it all began.