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melbourne-based fashion designer and founder, natsuko, shares the story of creating her streetwear brand – kodama apparel


In late 2016 I decided to create my sustainable streetwear brand – Kodama Apparel.

Many people asked me “why streetwear?

When I first visited Melbourne, I instantly fell in love with the city. The trams, old brick buildings and great coffees – I just love the vibe of this place. And that’s also when I fell in love with streetwear.

Melbourne is full of fashion scenes and curations.

Whether you’re looking for the latest sneaker release or just the latest style to keep looking fresh – this is the best place to be.

melbourne streetwear brand kodama apparel




It’s not just about fashion. The best part about streetwear is the culture.

It’s all about the community and staying connected. It’s the sense of belonging-ness that I really love about.  

melbourne streetwear brand kodama apparel




Originally from Japan, I grew up in Brisbane with a goal of becoming a fashion designer for my own brand. After graduating fashion, I started working in clothing alterations, dressmaking and ballet costume-making. Then I began working for different clothing brands and eventually built my career as a product developer/garment technician.

Working in the fashion industry for a decade, I was getting bored, and wanted to get creative again.

After moving to Melbourne in 2016, I decided to create my sustainable streetwear brand – Kodama Apparel.

kodama apparel australian sustainable streetwear brand




History of streetwear goes back to the late 70’s. Originating from sportwear and workwear – streetwear is a huge part of fashion. Looking at it now, there are so many variety of styles, coming out from luxury to local brands.

But out of all, I’m inspired by the origins of streetwear – workwear. I love structured, relaxed, understated and gender neutral styles, and always design with these elements in mind at Kodama Apparel.

There are also range of organic cotton essentials including hoodies, t shirts and crew sweaters. They are 100% organic and sustainably and ethically made. To learn more, click here.

My aim is to create unique streetwear clothing  that are also comfortable to wear.

I’m currently working on a new styles including short sleeve and long sleeve shirts,  pants/trousers, tees and tops. They’re not traditional, seasonal collection. Instead each styles are released in drips throughout the year, which makes it a little more exclusive.




Melbourne is a pretty cool city and there are so many places to visit and be inspired.

Fashion trend is a big part of my inspiration but I also keep up to date with street culture and art exhibitions (so you might spot me at places like NGV). 




As featured on well known groups like The Kickzstand and Ego Expo – we participate in events to get out there and connect throughout the year.

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