Could Hemp be the Next Cotton?

Could Hemp be the Next Cotton?

Hemp has served the mankind over centuries and is a very eco-friendly crop.

When I design, my main focus is to use hemp fabrics as much as possible.

Many people ask me, “What’s hemp? You mean like marijuana?”
Both hemp and marijuana come from Cannabis sativa, but they are two different varieties and are grown for different purposes.
Hemp is grown for textiles, other material purposes and food, making it a versatile raw material.

What does it feel like? Isn’t it rough?

Hemp fabrics come in various types.
Woven fabrics feels very much like linen, and hemp in knit fabrics are surprisingly soft.

What are the benefits?

Hemp fibres are durable, UV resistant, and mould resistant.

The crop requires no pesticides or herbicides, and little amount of water to grow.

Nothing is wasted in hemp farming.

Seeds are used to make oil and food supplements, and stalks are used for fabric fibre.

One acre of hemp can produce as much usable fibre as two acres of cotton.It is a great rotational crop.

Roots break up the hard soil preventing erosions, and enriching the soil at the same time.

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