australian streetwear brand kodama apparel

our vision of streetwear

Kodama Apparel’s vision of modern streetwear is to use organic/natural textiles with structured silhouettes, minimal and efficient designs.

Focusing on gender neutral clothing, we create designs that compliment a modern lifestyle.

How was it made, where was it made and who made it?

There is something more than just clothes and all designs have a story.

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conscious clothing

Environmentally conscious, we aim to design and create a versatile clothing that is adaptable season to seasons with life-long lasting quality.

With an aim for zero waste, we are currently collecting fabric waste and off-cut materials from our production and are in progress of up-cycling to a new accessory range.

Conscious designing, conscious consumerism and questioning everything that takes part in the life cycle of the garment are the steps towards a greener future.

Reuse, Recycle, Donate not Trash

Rather than having a wasteful fast fashion mindset, we believe in a lifestyle that has a minimal approach.

Surround yourself with quality products that you love and look after what you have.

If something is no longer needed have these steps in mind – reuse, recycle and donate not trash.