Exclusive Collaboration with PlayStation® Australia


I am excited to announce a unique collaboration with PlayStation® Australia to commemorate Team NINJA’s highly anticipated release of ‘Rise of the Ronin’. The PS5 exclusive RPG game is set in the Bakumatsu era of Japan, 1863 – amidst the chaos of a country ravaged by war, disease, and political unrest, a Ronin, steps forth – holding the nation’s fate in their hands.

The collaboration with PlayStation® Australia introduces our kimono jackets with design elements inspired by ‘Rise of the Ronin.’ These eco-friendly garments were handcrafted exclusively for select recipients, just in time for the game’s release on 22 March.


Crafted from eco-friendly hemp/organic cotton material, the jacket features the game title print, along with an embroidered logo and a silhouette print of the masterless warrior – a Ronin. Complete with a discreet inner chest pocket, these jackets showcase superb craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail.

Growing up playing PlayStation® games in Yokohama, this has brought back so many good memories.

While this exclusive jacket is not available to public, we have released our Unisex Kimono Jacket 2.0 – maintaining its original silhouette with updated design elements.

Rise of the Ronin is available on PlayStation®5 from Friday, 22nd March online from playstation.com and in selected retailers.

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