Kodama is an ancient Japanese word meaning ‘spirits of the forest’, which appears in Japanese folklore. In essence, it represents our passion for the environment, and to strive for sustainable fashion practices.

Streetwear goes way back to the 70’s in New York where hip hop was born. Check out this blog post, it’s really interesting: Streetwear

Textile waste is one of the many issues in the fashion industry. Our goal is to establish a circular economy, eliminating waste outputs from our business. To do so, we collect all our off-cut fabrics from sampling and production and up-cycle to our ‘Zero Waste’ item. Learn more about textile waste here: Textile and Clothing Waste

Our current focus is on the use of organic and low-impact materials like organic cotton and hemp. We also up-cycle our off cut fabrics to give a second life. We consciously design to ensure life-time quality which can be appreciated across multiple of seasons. As we grow and establish ourselves, we aim to introduce further practices and activities that will promote positive impact to our environment and society.

Absolutely. Our goal is to promote slow fashion, where quality comes first. Did you know, by extending your clothing life cycle just by 9 months reduces your carbon footprint by 30%? That’s a lot. We make every effort throughout our creation process so each garment can be appreciated across multiple of seasons. Should your Kodama Apparel clothes break or require mending – it’s on us. We will fix it for you no matter when you purchased from us. Please contact us first at kodamaworld@outlook.com to find out more.

We understand. As you go through different stages in life, your style can change. No matter what or when you purchased from us, you can post your pre-loved Kodama Apparel clothes to us and we will sort the rest. The garment will be repaired/altered for resell, or up-cycled to a complete new item or material if the garment is unrepairable. We will cover your postage fee and you will also earn Kodama Apparel credit. Bonus! Please contact us first to find out more.

Yes. Kodama Apparel is a Melbourne based streetwear brand founded by a Japanese fashion designer, Natsuko Kondo. Learn more about story behind the brand here: ABOUT

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