Textile and Clothing Waste

What’s Zero Waste and Why?

Our vision of zero waste fashion is to establish an efficient supply chain that doesn’t produce waste output to the environment.

There are always off-cut fabrics and trims that remain after sampling or production.

Textile and clothing waste is one of major problems in the fashion industry.


We carefully place the patterns to minimise wastage when we cut fabrics, but we can’t avoid it completely.

In an effort to reduce these off-cut materials, we’ve collected throughout our sampling and production process.


By re-utilising the scrap fabrics and giving them a second life, we reduce our wastage that comes out from the business.



Clothing & Textile Waste

Fashion impacts the environment in a big way, contributing to global warming from excessive carbon emission.

For an overview, head to How Fashion Harms The Environment.


Not to mention, there are many other issues including wellbeing of workers, pollutions through air and waterways.


Around 800,000 tonnes of textile are sent to the landfill each year within Australia. Some end up overseas.



– 87% of all disposed textiles and clothes are sent to landfill or incinerated

– 12% is mechanically recycled by cutting it or shredding it into fibre, insulation materials or rags

– Less than 1% is chemically recycled and regenerated to reusable raw materials

– 50% of bales of second-hand clothes sent overseas are un-sellable, which ends up in the landfill of that country.


How Can I Prevent Clothing Waste?

Shopping quality over quantity is a great way to start.


If your pre-loved clothes are in good condition you can donate them at your local op shops, resell at markets, or even swap with friends.


Maybe you have t-shirts with holes, or other clothes with decent wear and tear. You can turn old t-shirts into rags or use it for patchworks.


You might be already a sewing enthusiast, or just getting into it.Ā  Clothes (or even other materials) you have at home that are unrepairable, might be useful for your next creative project. It could encourage you to think outside the box and come up with cool ideas.


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