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Sustainable Streetwear | ‘Urban Nature’ Collection | Why We Made It

Why We Made It   Striving for sustainable fashion, designer and founder of the brand, Natsuko creates unisex and eco conscious streetwear. Inspired by the slow fashion movement, we strive to change the way we consume fashion by using ethical and efficient resources.     While several aspects of the process remain challenging, our ‘Urban …

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Why Organic Cotton?

We love our organic cotton t-shirts. But have you wondered what makes it organic? What’s the difference between organic cotton and regular cotton? Find out more once and for all.   We all love cotton. Who doesn’t? It’s soft on your skin, breathable and comfortable, it’s everyone’s favourite.   But did you know conventional cotton …

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what is sustainable fashion?

What is Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable fashion…it has become a hot topic. Fashion and beyond, ‘sustainability’ can be integrated to every aspect of our lives. But what does it really mean though? Many brands are taking the initiative, but many seem to have different definitions of being ‘sustainable’. The word ‘sustainable’ became such a buzz word, it’s often used as …

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Catching up with The Ecobahn

Catching up with The Ecobahn Big to small. The benefits of being a sustainable fashion start-up . Our first interview with The Ecobahn – an online platform for eCommerce industry sharing eco-friendly ideas to help businesses shift to green practices. The Ecobahn invites open discussions, sharing ideas for a sustainable growth. We had the pleasure …

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Could Hemp be the Next Cotton?

Could Hemp be the Next Cotton? Hemp has served the mankind over centuries and is a very eco-friendly crop. When I design, my main focus is to use hemp fabrics as much as possible. Many people ask me, “What’s hemp? You mean like marijuana?” Both hemp and marijuana come from Cannabis sativa, but they are two different varieties and are grown for different …

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