organic cotton t shirt kodama apparel melbourne streetwear

melbourne streetwear

in late 2016 i decided to create my sustainable streetwear brand – kodama apparel. many people asked me “why streetwear?”   when i first visited melbourne, i instantly fell in love with the city. the trams, old brick buildings and great coffees – i just love the vibe of this place. and that’s also when …

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organic cotton t shirt kodama apparel melbourne streetwear

why organic cotton?

why organic cotton t shirts?     benefits there are different certifications and levels of defining what’s organic. organisations like global organic textile standard (gots), sets a high standard for organic fibres, including ecology and social criteria. under gots, organic production is based on a farming system that maintains and replenishes soil fertility without the …

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sustainable fashion streetwear kodama apparel

what’s sustainable fashion?

defining sustainability & transparency sustainability is a trending topic in fashion. but it’s also a difficult discussion. many brands are taking the initiative which is great, but there seem to be different definitions of being ‘sustainable’. so what is sustainable fashion? at kodama apparel, we believe sustainability is all about not harming the environment and …

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Catching up with The Ecobahn

Big to small. The benefits of being a sustainable fashion start-up . Our first interview with The Ecobahn – an online platform for eCommerce industry sharing eco-friendly ideas to help businesses shift to green practices. The Ecobahn invites open discussions, sharing ideas for a sustainable growth. We had the pleasure of connecting with the The …

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Could hemp become the next cotton?

Hemp has served the mankind over centuries and is a very eco-friendly crop. When I design, my main focus is to use hemp fabrics as much as possible. Many people ask me, “What’s hemp? You mean like marijuana?” Both hemp and marijuana come from Cannabis sativa, but they are two different varieties and are grown for different purposes. Hemp is grown for textiles, …

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organic cotton t shirt kodama apparel melbourne streetwear

Cotton vs Organic Cotton

We all love cotton. It’s soft, breathable and absorbs moisture quickly. Kodama Apparel tees are 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. These organic cotton has been grown in India using renewable energy generated from wind turbines and solar panels, and rainwater collected during monsoon season.   About cotton Cotton is the most popular fibre worldwide – …

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